What Will Happen If You Eat French Fries Every Day

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French fries are some of the most famous American foods ever. An interesting fact about them is that upon their creation, they were indeed French. They were first sold in Paris’s Post Neuf back in the 1780s by street vendors. Shortly after, Thomas Jefferson, who was the American Minister to France at that time, and perhaps the first American foodie, introduced the fries to America. It is believed that the very first time they were served in America was back in 1802 at the White House.

We all know that the french fries are crispy, crunchy, yellow, and most importantly delicious, however, not everyone is aware of the fact that they can do more harm than good if taken every day. There are many reasons why french fries are not healthy for the human body, especially if consumed on a daily basis Here is what will happen if you eat french fries every day:

The risk of cancer is increased

There are a lot of speculations that fried foods, such as french fries can highly increase the risk of cancer. A recent study that was conducted on rats showed that there is a substance in the french fries called “acrylamide”, which can cause cancer. The results of the same study were published in the National Cancer Institute.

The acrylamide substance is produced when vegetables like potatoes, that contain amino acid asparagine, are heated to high temperature(s) and there is a presence of certain sugars during the heating process. The acrylamide is then converted into a compound known as “glycidamide” that causes both damage and mutations to the DNA structure and can eventually lead to cancer.

The chances of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes are increased

Perhaps the main reason why french fries are unhealthy is because they are dipped and soaked in unhealthy trans fats before they are deep-fried in different hydrogenated oils. Once consumed, they can raise bad cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease. Many types of researches such as the “Nurses Health Study” were conducted for several years to see what damage can be caused by fried foods.

Participants of both studies from ages 30 to 55 had their eating habits logged over for several years. The conclusion of both studies revealed that consuming fried foods can lead to the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

They can cause loss of brain and nerve functions

The above-mentioned substance, acrylamide, can also cause brain and neurological damage. A few scientists from the American Chemical Society revealed that acrylamide is capable of causing impaired muscle coordination, muscle weakness, and most importantly nerve damage in humans.

Furthermore, different laboratory studies suggested that the chemical’s chronic dietary exposure can damage the brain’s nerve cells and play an important part in the development of serious neurodegenerative diseases.

They could lead to a premature death

Premature death can be caused by cancer, heart diseases, stroke, obesity, kidney diseases, type 2 diabetes and loss of brain and nerve functions. With that being said, you can conclude that if french fries are consumed on a daily basis, it will seriously increase the risk of death. To confirm how harmful the fries can be if eaten every day, research done recently shows that eating french fries every day could cause an increased risk of premature death.

After more than eight years, once the research was completed, it was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. During the study, 4,400 people from the ages 45 to 79 were analyzed and the researchers focused on how frequently the participants ate potatoes. Researchers found out that the people who consumed fried potatoes, hash browns and tater tots, at least twice a week, doubled their risk of premature death. Perhaps the most shocking result from that research was that after the study was completed 236 participants had died.

The risk of stroke and kidney disease is increased

It is a known fact that individuals who consume a high amount of salt can increase their blood pressure and most of the serious diseases start from high blood pressure. Besides increasing the risk of high blood pressure, french fries can also increase the risk of stroke, heart or kidney diseases.

The main reason for that is because they are lathered in salt, just after they have been deep-fried in hydrogenated oils.

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