What Will Happen if You Eat 2 Bananas a Day

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Healthy food is not always delicious! But not for bananas! Because of bananas aside from being delicious! It is also beneficial to your health as well. Because bananas are rich in 3 types of natural sugars, sucrose, fructose, and glucose, combined with fibers and food residues, bananas will instantly provide energy for the body.

Research has shown that eating only 2 bananas can increase energy to fully exercise for up to 90 minutes, so it’s no wonder that bananas are the number one fruit of world-class athletes. Not just adding energy only Also helps overcome and prevent various diseases that can occur with many diseases Should eat every day

Today we have compiled all the evidence showing that How will be eating 2 bananas per day benefit your health?

Excess weight disappears

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Bananas are rich in fiber and food waste. Also, bananas contain starch that reduces appetite and prevents your weight gain. It helps to lower blood sugar levels and increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin. If the cells in your body are not sensitive to insulin Will cause the accumulation of sugar and remain in the bloodstream. It causes obesity due to the conversion of sugar into fat. Because insulin acts on the metabolism of sugar that we get from food intake.

Digestion improves

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Bananas are easily digested and do not irritate the digestive system and intestines. Also, bananas can be eaten to help reduce stomach pain from gastric disease. And can also treat diarrhea.

Stress levels will fall

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Bananas will make you in a good mood. Because it contains tryptophan, which is needed for our bodies to get serotonin (“the hormone of happiness”). On average, each banana contains about 27 milligrams of magnesium. This mineral has the function of creating a good mood. And a healthy sleep for you.

The risk of anemia falls


Anemia causes asthma, fatigue and difficulty breathing. It is the result of a decrease in red blood cells and low hemoglobin levels in the blood! Bananas contain a lot of iron, which stimulates the production of red blood cells. Also, bananas contain vitamin B6, which helps control blood sugar levels in patients with anemia.

Your energy levels will increase

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The potassium contained in bananas will help protect your muscles from aches, while carbohydrates give you enough energy to withstand intense exercise!

Arterial pressure will return to normal

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Bananas help reduce high blood pressure because it contains about 420 milligrams of potassium. Potassium is a mineral that is very important to the body. Help the operation of various systems In the body as normal, such as the nervous system and muscles.

Your vitamin deficit will be filled up

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Bananas are rich in vitamin B6. On average, one banana contains about 20% of your daily needs. Vitamin B6 helps your body produce insulin, hemoglobin and the essential amino acids for building good cells. your health Although we tend to think that citrus and strawberries have the most vitamin C content! But bananas contain about 15% of the essential substances necessary for our daily lives! Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that helps neutralize harmful free radicals. Also, it helps the blood vessels to be stronger and build collagen.

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