Tips On How To Buy The Right Suit

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A good suit is an important addition to every closet. Even if you don’t need a suit today, you never know when you will have an important meeting, a job interview, or a funeral to attend. Keeping a suit in the closet helps you to be sure that you will always be prepared. However, if you’ve never shopped for a suit before, you may find that you aren’t sure how to buy a suit. Take a look at these tips on shopping for suits to be sure you make the right choice.

First, before you buy a suit, you should be sure that you know what your measurements are. The measurements you will need are the inseam (the inside leg length), your neck, your shoulders, your arm length, your chest, and your waist. However, don’t try to take them yourself. It is really hard to get accurate measurements on your own. If you can’t find someone to take measurements before you get to the store, ask a salesperson to help you.

Once you know your measurements, you will need to decide what type of suit you want to own. The single-breasted suit is the most common style. This suit is designed so that the jacket has a single row of buttons that button up like a shirt. You can find these suits with two, three or four buttons. Usually, the bottom button on this suit is left unfastened so that the suit doesn’t pucker and pull. If you don’t like the way a single-breasted suit looks, then you may want to look at double-breasted suits. These suits have two rows of buttons, and one side of the suit overlaps the other side when it is buttoned up.

Next, you should consider suit fabrics. You can find suits made from wool, linen, and even polyester. However, wool suits are the most common, and for a good reason. A wool suit is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than suits made with man-made fibers. This is because wool can breathe. You can find wool in light, medium, and heavy weights, so you will be able to find a suit that is perfect for warm or cold climates. Also, wool wears well, especially if the suit is made with worsted wool.

If you can’t wear wool because of allergies, you can find polyester or linen suits. Polyester does not hold up as well as wool and doesn’t breathe well, which makes it uncomfortable to wear during the summer months. However, it is a budget-friendly choice and travels well, since it doesn’t wrinkle easily. Linen breathes much better than polyester, but it tends to wrinkle easily. If you decide you want a linen suit, you may want to look for a linen/polyester blend instead.

Finally, you will need to try on a few suits in the style and fabric you choose to be sure that they fit properly. Avoid suits that pucker across the back or are too tight in the shoulders and arms. It may be necessary to have alterations done on a suite to ensure a proper fit. A quality retailer will offer alteration services. With a properly fitting suit, you will be ready for anything.

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