Prom Dresses: What’s Your Style?

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For many girls, prom night is the most important event of their high school years. It’s not an understatement to say that you’ll remember your prom night for the rest of your life. Given its prominence during high school and beyond, it’s crucial that you wear a dress that makes you feel and look your best.

Before You Start

Before you even start shopping for prom dresses, spend some time thinking about your style. If you like to blend in with the crowd, you probably won’t be comfortable in show-stopping bright red pageant dresses. On the other hand, if you like the spotlight, you may want to shy away from formal dresses that are reminiscent of a bridesmaid’s gown.

Keep in mind, though, that prom is a great opportunity to take a step outside your comfort zone. You’re probably not accustomed to wearing evening dresses, so all prom dresses will seem a bit foreign to you. If you’ve always harbored a fantasy of being a storybook princess, a prom dress can make you feel like royalty. Likewise, if you’ve always wanted to showcase your sultry inner siren, beaded cocktail dresses will let you dip your toes into those waters.

See What’s Available

Once you’ve thought about your style, go online to a site that specializes in prom dresses and see what’s available. You’ll likely find evening dresses by designers like Sherri Hill, Jovani, Nightline, Faviana, and much more. Spend time considering the type of dress that will make you feel great and let you shine on your special night. Are you comfortable with strapless gowns, or do you prefer straps? Do you like the shimmer of sequins and beading or the rustle of tulle? Do you want to show skin and go with a backless gown or one that shows off your midriff, or are you more comfortable with a solid bodice? Are you bold enough for a thigh-high slit, or do you want a long dress with a train?

You may already have a distinct personal style and need a dress that will meet your needs. If you go for simple, clean lines and not a lot of flash you’ll probably want to go with a Niteline dress. If you’re a Goth, look for accents of deep red or purple against a backdrop of black, and imagine the ways you can accessorize with jewelry, stockings, and shoes. If your religious faith requires you to dress modestly, look for prom dresses that either fit the bill or that can be altered to accommodate your needs.

Go Shopping!

While you’ll undoubtedly be able to find the widest variety of prom dresses online, it’s hard to tell from a photo whether or not a particular style will look good on you. It’s worth it to go to a local store and try on dresses that have similar lines, cuts, and features as those you’ve found online. If you find a style that works particularly well for you, you can go ahead and order it online.

Remember, the best combination you can hope for is to find a dress that reflects your style, makes you feel great, and lets you take a step or two outside of your comfort zone. That way, you’re sure to create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

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