20 Things You Should Never Do When Traveling In Japan

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Japan is a great country that is known for its unique culture. Visitors touring Japan for the first are overwhelmed by the rules and social customs that dictate the public life and how people interact with one another. Visitors touring Japan from abroad are not well-informed about the Japanese etiquette, but familiarizing yourself with a few basics can be of much importance when it comes to adapting to local customs and to avoid a breach of cultural etiquette.

If you are planning to travel to Japan, here are the 20 things you should never do:

Wearing shoes indoors when visiting a Japanese Home

Every time you are visiting a Japanese home, you should remove your shoes once you get into the entrance door. According to Japanese customs outdoor shoes are no longer clean and they should be replaced with the indoor slippers at the entrance door. This rule is also applicable in other public spaces such as shrines, hospitals, and some schools. Embracing this custom while on your trip to Japan is very important.

Avoid Eating while traveling

In Japan, people don’t take food or drink when they are traveling. Foods that are sold at the streets are consumed in designated areas. Drinks sold by vendors are also consumed in designated areas. To Japanese eating or drinking in public transport is considered as bad manners unless when traveling on long-distance trains.

Getting into bathtub prior to showering

Many Japanese homesteads own a bathtub that is completely filled with warm water. These are not meant for washing the body but for having a relaxing soak. The same rule is also applicable when visiting any public bath.

Blowing your nose in the public

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Japanese consider blowing of the nose in public as bad manners. You should just find a bathroom or any other confidential place and attend to your running from there. In Japan, it normal to find people wearing face masks in public particularly during the winter.

Don’t Tip When Visiting Japan

Japan lacks a tipping culture and leaving a tip may not go well with the locals. Japanese business and restaurant don’t accept tips and that’s why if you leave some money on the table the waiter will run after you to return the amount you may have forgotten.

Loud conversations while on public transport

Japanese use their cell phones in an acceptable manner and will ensure their discussions are short and quiet while in public transport. This ensures there are minimal disturbances among other travelers.

Pointing things or people in Japan

Japanese consider pointing to people or things as bad manners. Japanese always use hands to wave at something they are referring to rather than pointing.

Pouring soy sauce on your rice

Japanese don’t pour soy sauce directly on rice. Soy sauce should be poured into the dish meant for this purpose and not directly on the rice. Chopsticks are then used to dip the sashimi in the sauce.

Do not give or receive items with one hand

Japanese use both hands when giving and receiving things. Japanese people often use both hands to give and receive things. Whether it’s a big item Or small items such as business cards when paying at a store or cafe Put the money on the tray that was placed. Instead of sending money directly to staff in front of the cashier.

Serving yourself a drink

When partying with friends or colleagues, you should refill everyone’s glass when empty but not one that belongs to you as it is considered rude. Once you are done serving your friends you can now do the same to yourself. Always hold the bottle with both hands every time you are pouring.

Don’t Talk on the Phone on Public Transport

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Everyone knows that Japanese people are strict about manners. Especially etiquette in transportation vehicles and public places In trains or buses, there are always etiquette announcements about phone calls. Or you may hear a warning message to turn off the phone after getting into the train. Or sometimes just a warning to silence and vibrate to not disturb other passengers. Of course, this rule prevents phone calls in trains for 4 years in Japan. I’ve only met one of the coolest Japanese girls on the phone. Of course, there are many eyes looking at with a feeling of reproach. But as long as it doesn’t disturb anyone Nobody said anything.

Eating all the food that has been served to you

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You should not eat all the food on your plate because the host will tend to think that they have not served you with enough food and you are not satisfied.


Things you should keep in mind Because in Japan You can smoke only in the specified area, such as the area next to the mall. Or in front of the convenience store, there will be a smoking area. And smoking outside non-smoking areas Including smoking while walking Is illegal If you smoke outside of these areas You may be fined or warned by the police.

Sexy dress up in japan

In Japan Showing armpits and shoulders, should not be done and inappropriate. Regardless of how hot the weather is Regardless of how many dresses you have, You shouldn’t wear it out at all. Most Japanese women will solve the problem by wearing a t-shirt under the dress. Showing off the shoulder in a formal situation is not something you should do.

Making arrangements in the last minute

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Japanese people make their arrangement plans on time. They plan for something in a timely manner. Making last-minute arrangements will only annoy your hosts.

Being late

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You should not be late. Everything in Japan runs in a timely manner and you will no longer be considered popular if you can’t keep up with the schedule.

Don’t take seriously those who tell you English is not spoken in Japan

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You should not be afraid to visit Japan because you are not familiar with the Japanese language. People will tell you strange things about Japan but you should never take them seriously.

Crossing the road when the little Flashing man has not instructed you to do so

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Japan has very many rules and you have no other option other than following those them. In Japan, people only cross the road when they are told to do so.

Trying to push when there is a long line

The Japanese people prefer to wait for their turn rather than pushing in front of a line. This what makes things run smoothly in Japan.

Forgetting to carry your travel insurance

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Japan has one of the best health care systems across the globe and the rate of crime is quite low. In spite of this, you should no longer think of visiting japan without travel insurance.

The discussed above are some of the things you should not do while on your trip to Japan.

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