15 Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30

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Being 30 years old means so much than “just a number”. It is the last time to take the saying “better prevent than cure” seriously. As you approach middle age, your risk of developing many diseases increases. Also, keep in mind that nutrition plays an important role in this case.

Nutrition plays an important role

What problems lie in food?

The problem lies in those over-processed foods that have almost nothing to do with their original form, and most often they are about fast meals, desserts and ready meals. These are formulations of salts, sugars, oils, and other fats, as well as flavor enhancers and other additives – these industrial formulations are almost everything, but nutrition.

Proper selection of foods helps prevent cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. Eliminate bad foods from your diet, and increase your chances of getting healthy and fit.

Unhealthy foods do not need to be eaten no matter what age we are, but after our thirties, our bodies are rapidly becoming less resistant to fast food and any other highly processed foods. You may have noticed that you no longer tolerate some foods, and it is not a bad idea to choose your thirtieth birthday as the day when you finally decide to pay more attention to your health.

How the list of food you should avoid looks like and why?

This list represents only a fraction of the poor food choices available on the market today. Major food manufacturers, generally, make cheap food, add a ton of sugar, salt, and fat to give it a better taste. Think of it as an investment in yourself and your health. After detoxing from kid-friendly food, we bet you will enjoy the taste of home-cooked food even more.

In the following paragraphs, you can find 15 foods you should never eat after 30.

Fruit yogurt

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In our refrigerator, yogurt takes the place of healthy foods, but we rarely think a glass of yogurt flavored with your favorite fruit contains approximately 47 grams of sugar!

That’s a lot more sugar than we should be consuming during the whole day.

Soy Sauce

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Soy is highly genetically engineered food, and the long-term effects of such foods on the body are still unknown. In the short term, soy can stimulate inflammatory processes in the body and potentially affect the thyroid gland. Another problem with soy has to do with the phytoestrogen it contains, which mimics estrogen in the body.

Because of this, soy should not be especially given to children who are still growing, but it would be best if all family members avoid it.

Juices and alcohol with a straw

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This may sound ridiculous, but it’s a good idea to know that if you use a straw regularly while drinking, lines and wrinkles will start to develop around your lips due to the lip movement you are doing as you draw fluid into the straw.

After the age of 30, the collagen in our skin begins to deteriorate, which is why these repetitive lip movements can cause wrinkles.

Farmed fish

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Believe that you want to avoid this food because the farms are so overcrowded with fish that they are wasted feeding on the feces they discharge into the enclosed farm pools.

Also, their diet is full of antibiotics and special colors that give fish meat a particularly healthy appearance.

White bread

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White flour in the bread raises the level of blood sugar while containing neither vitamins nor minerals contained in whole flour.

White bread also contains less fiber, and the older you get, the more fiber your digestive system needs.

Fruit juice

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Most commercial juices contain added sugar, far beyond what is present in the fruit itself.

They are also often pasteurized, meaning that heat-sensitive nutrients are destroyed before the product is finished on shelves.

Cakes from stores

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The finished cakes we buy in stores are full of hydrogenated oils that help keep them look nice and fresh for weeks.

Manufacturers are not even required to list these harmful trans fats on the label unless the product contains more than 0.5 percent.

Popcorn with butter from the microwave

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The fake butter that coats the popcorn beans is full of trans fat, which has a negative effect on memory.

They literally destroy cells in the brain and accelerate inflammatory processes.

Dairy products

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Dairy contains the kind of protein that is thought to irritate the tissue around your joints.

This does not bother everyone, but adults do not need a diet rich in milk and dairy products anyway.

Refined sugar

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Inflammation is a painful condition that you want to avoid, and high daily sugar intake leads straight to it.

This is due to the rapid growth of glycation end products, namely AGE (Advanced Glycation End-products).

Tobacco in cigarettes

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Studies have shown that smokers are at greater risk for rheumatoid arthritis because of harmful substances from cigarettes damage joints, bones, and connective tissue.

Saturated fats

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Consumption of foods rich in saturated fat worsens inflammatory conditions in arthritis, especially in adipose tissue.

Inflammation in adipose tissue also indicates possible heart disease.

Food prepared at a high temperature

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All those delicious grilled items, fried or pasteurized, release cytokines when eaten and literally rocket inflammatory messages all over the body.


Source: freepik.com

Another dietary supplement that is wise to avoid is aspartame. This can be a challenge as you are already trying to reduce your sugar intake.

However, it is worth the effort because aspartame has no nutritional value and is produced under laboratory conditions, which could encourage your body to react as if it were attacked by an unknown substance from the environment.

Omega-6 fatty acids

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Since too much omega-6 fatty acids activate the inflammatory chemicals released in your body, try to get a better ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 by switching to olive oil and adding seeds like flax and pumpkin to your diet.

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