10 Ways To Prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection You Don’t Realize Before

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With more than 8000 deaths reported worldwide, the coronavirus, COVID-19 has become the biggest pandemic in the last hundred years. With the media carrying regular updates about the increasing number of deaths especially in Italy and Europe, many people want to know What is COVID-19. The coronaviruses are a large number of viruses which cause respiratory infections ranging from cold to more serious health problems. COVID-19 is a new type of coronavirus, which was first detected in Wuhan area of China in December 2019. The virus is highly contagious and a large number of people are getting infected. Some people recover quickly from the illness, while it is fatal for others.

The COVID-19 symptoms vary depending on the health, age and immunity level of the person who is infected. Most of those who are infected with COVID-19 have mild to high fever. Hence thermal scanners are used extensively to detect persons who may be infected. A persistent cough is another symptom of COVID-19 which is reported in almost all the patients. The patient will often experience difficulties in breathing, shortness of breath. Often the virus is fatal for older people, especially those who have other health problems. Hence many people wish to find out how to Prevent Coronavirus infection.

The cost of a Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus test is expensive, around $ 1300. Many people with health insurance May do not cover this disease. You must make sure that your health insurance coverage or not.

However, many companies are launching a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease Protection Campaign in particular. You should consider Choose health insurance for Coronavirus (COVID-19) because the cost of treatment for this disease is very high.

10 protective measures which can prevent coronavirus disease suggested by the World Health Organization(WHO) and center for disease control (CDC) are listed below:

Avoiding sick people

One of the best ways to avoid a COVID-19 infection is by avoid exposure to sick people, who are infected with the contagious virus. It is advisable to avoid contact with people who have a cold, cough or other respiratory illness. It is advisable to keep a distance of at least one meter from the person who is not well. A sick person should also avoid leaving their home, since their immunity is reduced.

Washing hands

According to the experts at WHO, washing hands is fairly effective in preventing any virus infection. The hands should washed thoroughly with water, soap for at least twenty seconds, after being in close proximity with someone who may be showing symptoms of COVID-19, after wiping the nose, using the toilet and bathroom, or preparing, eating food.

Hand sanitizer

The CDC has suggested that hand sanitizers can be used as an alternative to washing with water, soap. The sanitizer should contain a minimum of 60% alcohol and can be used when there is no visible dirt on the hands.

Avoid touching

Everyone should avoid touching their nose, eyes and mouth with their hands, especially if they are unwashed. Many surfaces which the hands are touching may be contaminated with the COVID-19 virus. Experts claim that if the contaminated hands with touch the mouth, nose or eyes, the virus is tranferred from the surface to the human body.

Covering during coughing

To reduce the spread of the virus, the CDC has advised people to cover their nose, mouth with a tissue paper when they cough or sneeze. Alternately they can sneeze into their sleeve. They should also wash their hands after coughing or sneezing.

Disinfecting frequently used items

CDC has recommended that surfaces and items which are used frequently like doorknobs should be cleaned regularly with a disinfectant which kills viruses. Alternately a wipe or spray for household cleaning may be used.

Ventilating the room

The windows of the area should be left open for at least thirty minutes in a day for better ventilation indoors, since experts claim that this will reduce the transmission of diseases.

Getting medical help

Any person who is having difficulty breathing, cough and fever should contact their doctor at the earliest to get the illness diagnosed. In case the person infected has travelled recently, he should also inform the doctor. This will ensure that the patient gets the right treatment for his illness and prevents further transmission of the virus

Avoiding live animals, raw food

In areas where Coronavirus cases have been detected, people should avoid touching live animals, and also the surfaces which these animals are in contact with. People should also avoid eating raw food to the extent possible

Increasing immunity

Health experts at CDC, WHO recommend that all people, especially in areas with a virus infection, should take measures to boost their immunity, so that they can fight the COVID-19 and other infections easily. Some measures which increase the immunity of a person are sleeping well, eating nutritious food, drinking sufficient fluids and exercising regularly.

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10 Ways To Prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection You Don’t Realize Before

With more than 8000 deaths reported worldwide, the coronavirus, COVID-19 has become the biggest pandemic in the last hundred years. With the...

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