10 Warning Signs of Diabetes

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Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world. Regardless of gender Or how old If not taking care of health There is a risk of developing diabetes as well.

Diabetes, a dangerous disease that can occur to everyone. Many people understand that it is a genetic disease only. But do you know that most diabetes is often caused by neglecting diet and health care? In addition, the initial symptoms of diabetes in the first stage are rarely severe. Found only a few symptoms that are so common that they are mistaken for other diseases And become unaware of diabetes

Some people have regular checkups to know whether they are diabetic or not. But with many more People don’t like to go to the doctor. How to know if you have diabetes, so we have 10 warning signs of diabetes to tell.

Increased thirst

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If anyone feels that they drink a lot, they are thirsty. Maybe the cause of diabetes. Because the kidneys are unable to filter the sugar, the sugar then returns into the blood until it is excreted in large amounts of urine. The body then causes dehydration. Causing to have to drink to compensate the water lost back to replace If the body becomes dehydrated, it may result in a shock easily.

Dry mouth

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One of the most common symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes is dry mouth and may result from high blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels cause frequent urination because the kidneys produce more urine to get rid of excess sugar. As a result of increased urination, the body loses fluids and becomes dehydrated. If you do not drink enough water to replenish the fluid, your mouth becomes dry.

Increased hunger

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With diabetes, your body is resistant to insulin. High blood sugar levels will cause the body to produce too much insulin after eating a high carbohydrate diet and the sugar level will drop immediately. Resulting in frequent hunger Eat more Anyone who doesn’t eat anything is full. Or just eating, hungry again Would like to eat, but a trivial warning sign may be diabetes.

Frequent urination

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People with diabetes, Insulin hormones carry sugar to various cells for use as energy. But in the body, people with diabetes will find that the pancreas is unable to produce insulin or release insufficient amounts in the body. The extra sugar in the bloodstream causes the kidneys to work harder to try to get rid of the excess of glucose in the blood and makes more urine and cause frequent urination.

Blurry Vision

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This symptom is caused by many reasons. But the symptoms in most people with diabetes will find that the occurrence of congestion in the lens of the eye, causing the retina to become abnormal Or high sugar levels for a long time, until the retinal disorders In some cases, severe symptoms may result in long-term eye problems. If anyone has never had a problem with vision disorders With blurred vision, blurry vision may be caused by diabetes.

Slow Healing

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When the sugar level in the body increases, it results in the body’s healing process slows down. Due to the accumulation of thicker fat layers Causing poor blood flow Blood supply to cells and organs is not good. Atherosclerosis occurs And if the wound occurs, causing the wound to heal more slowly Can also become infected Because the ability to eliminate pathogens of white blood cells is reduced.

Unplanned weight loss

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It seems to be a good sign but in truth, it may be caused by high blood sugar conditions. If the weight is drastically reduced without diet or exercise different from normal conditions Should be careful about this abnormal weight loss Because the body has to burn fat instead of using glucose for energy. And some glucose is excreted in the urine a lot However, abnormal weight gain is most common in patients with type 1 diabetes, but patients with type 2 diabetes tend to be overweight.

Skin Problems

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Dry and itchy skin may result from diabetes. It’s not about acne and general blackheads. But there is still more Your body’s defense mechanism is just trying to help fight diabetes with dark spots, rashes and itchy skin all over your body. Fortunately, these drastic changes are easy to notice, so don’t wait until they get worse.


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No fatigue, no matter whether you sleep Or how much full sleep Still feel that the body is not resting, weak or weak, easily caused by diabetes. The normal body of a person digests food into glucose. To burn energy for various cells, but when the blood sugar level is high The body of people with diabetes cannot use enough sugar for energy. Resulting in tiredness easily Feeling tired than normal Also, hunger is more often due to lack of energy sources.


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Numbness in different parts There is no feeling of pain in the arms, legs or erectile dysfunction. Due to high blood sugar levels for a long time Resulting in nerve degeneration Foot ulcers Feeling numbness in your fingertips and toes. Anyone who is having problems with numbness in their fingertips and toes may be the result of diabetes. Should see a doctor for treatment

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