10 Warning Signs of Heart Attack You Should Never Ignore

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Hello! A majority of us believe that we are as fit as a fiddle, that the possibility of a heart attack is near zero and that we should worry only if we have a pre-existing health problem. Nearly 600,000 people a year in the USA only die of heart attack, and a lot of them suspected nothing was wrong with them.

A heart attack which catches you by surprise can be deadly, if you’re in an isolated location or are at home by yourself or simply in a dangerous place when it strikes it could prove deadly, with help either being too far away, simply inaccessible, you falling down the stairs or into something dangerous when you lose control of your body or dying from the heart attack itself. Scary, isn’t it?

This is why you should NEVER presume that you are completely safe from Heart Attack or heart disease, and why if you have clear symptoms you must go to the doctors as soon as possible to get it treated before it strikes or simply so you are in the right place when it does happen. So, what are the symptoms of an oncoming heart attack or heart disease? Well, we will get into the most common symptoms now.

Chest Discomfort

Chest discomfort is one of the most overlooked symptoms of heart attack or danger. If you are having consistent pains in your chest then it could be a sign of the worst is coming and even though there are many diseases that could cause chest pain it is best to get it checked out just in case, especially if it is persistent and you are unsure of the origins.

Pain that spreads down the Left Side of your body

Another symptom that is considered almost a ‘classic’ symptom of oncoming heart attack is pain that starts from the chest and begins spreading down the left side of your body. This symptom is near synonymous of an oncoming heart attack yet is usually ignored by its victims and therefore they don’t go to the hospital because of it. Though, we say if you have this symptom you must go to the hospital, now, before it is too late.

Nausea, Indigestion, Stomach Pain

If you have these symptoms it is almost certainly never a heart attack, and you shouldn’t be worried for your health if these crop up every so often and then disappear, however, if these symptoms are continuous you should check it out with your local doctor.

Dizzy Or Lightheaded

Once again, if these only ever happen rarely and aren’t continuous then it is most likely something not to worry about, however, if they are persistent then it is a sign of future heart problems and should be checked with your doctor.

Throat and Jaw Pain

If you have throat or jaw pain that has spread up from the centre of your chest then it is a symptom of oncoming heart attack and should be checked instantly with your local doctor, however, if it hasn’t spread from elsewhere then it is almost never heart-related.

Easily Exhausted

This is a common sign, especially if you have no symptoms of other illnesses. Being exhausted from usual activities is a commonplace sign of heart attack and should be checked out with your local doctor, and even if not a sign of heart attack it should still be checked with the doctor as it is a symptom of many other nasty diseases which you should also have checked out.


Yes, this one is a controversial “symptom” of heart disease, yet is still a symptom nonetheless and knowing it could save your life. Snoring is a perfectly usual thing for your body to do in the middle of the night, however, abnormally loud snoring could be the symptom of Sleep Apnea which makes it so you stop breathing for a few seconds during the middle of the night which can put extra stress on your heart. If you’re already on the path to having a heart attack this could be just what triggers it. Make sure to talk to your doctor if you think you have Sleep Apnea


Suddenly breaking out into a cold sweat for no reason is a big sign of heart problems and you should go to your doctor just in case.


Usually, this is nothing to worry about however if you already have a heart disease a cough that won’t stop which produces white or pink mucus can be a sign of imminent heart failure.

Irregular Heart Beat

If you have a consistent, out of time heartbeat which misses beats commonly and doesn’t stop then you should call your doctor as it could be the sign of imminent heart failure.

Thank you for reading our article and I hope you are all now informed on the possible symptoms of heart attack and failure. Thanks for reading and we hope we see you later.

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